Is crossfit the way to go?

The following is my opinion. First, set very clear and achievable goals. Then make a plan for to achieve these goals. If you set non-specific goals you will get average results. That is not to say you can't change them but ask yourself besides losing weight what else you want to achieve through fitness. I feel Crossfit has brought back the community aspect of gyms and they do have "coaches." So for someone that is not experienced with strength training, aerobic training, or all that encompasses the fitness spectrum you will get a lot of average advice and coaching. Again, for someone new this could be great for you. Crossfit also provides you with programming through strength training and WODS so you will basically just have to show up and give 110%. Crossfit boxes also have some great equipment (not BS machines). I mean different barbells, rowing machines, jump boxes, rings, kettle bells, tires, ropes, bands, sleds, etc. However, all this comes at a premium price. I would estimate anywhere from 100-200 for unlimited. Most things in life have their positives and negatives Crossfit is no exception and not the end all be all. I do not enjoy the Olympic lifts because these are very technical movements for people who compete in Olympic Lifting. Yes you can gain strength and power from these movements but due to their technical nature they should not be introduced to novice fitness enthusiasts. I think the majority of coaches are average, at best, despite their passion for Crossfit and fitness; they don't get the job done. You will also get thrown into the mix of WODS, Olympic Lifts, Strongman Training, Gymnastics, Rowing, and other disciplines way too fast; again this is my opinion. I feel there is a good chance you can get injured early on in your Crossfit career because you will enevitablly be comparing yourself to others in your box and competing against them. Competition is a great motivator and can make things fun but when you are pushing your hardest at certain disciplines that you have only been performing for a short time you could get hurt. However, chances are if you participate in sports or fitness at any level you will suffer an injury.

Okay, I have rambled on too much here. If crossfit is 75% or more in line with your goals and you can afford it then I would say it will be worth your time and money as a beginner. If crossfit is less than 75% in line with your goals then don't waste your money. The internet, especially Reddit possess a wealth of fitness advice that you can follow to hit the EXACT goals you want at half the cost; even less than that. Always remember, a business's goal is almost always to make money, so you are not necessarily their highest priority; your money is. Find a business, or gym in this case, which very well could be a crossfit gym, that makes it possible to achieve exactly what you want in life. It's your LIFE, your TIME, and your MONEY.

TL; DR. Crossfit is good and bad so if you want to get generally fit to achieve your general goals then it will cost you a decent penny to get general results.

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