i have a crush on an INFJ !! do u think he reciprocates ? [ESFP}

These are all signs of him showing attraction. But honestly, you’re going to hurt him. INFJs are extremely devoted to the one they love and put a lot of effort into someone they deem important. Knowing you won’t appreciate his efforts, wanting to find excitement outside an INFJ will make him feel completely worthless to you. I honestly care for this guy and want him to find someone who doesn’t even think of wanting to flirt with others while being attracted to him. You’re looking for something that seems a short term no commitment. I don’t know if what I’m saying applies to all INFJs, but knowing we only let in so few because of how picky we are with people, how much we don’t want to be hurt, if he opens himself up to you, and if you throw that trust away by betraying him in a way you don’t think is a big deal (flirting with others keeping him at bay), boy is it going to hurt. So yea, we value loyalty a LOT. And I don’t see that value in you. Sorry if I’m being harsh. I just don’t see this working knowing you still want to see other people. If you’re considering dating him or anything, you should probably mention you’re not looking into anything serious.

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