[Vacchiano]Despite contract extension, feeling around Jets is Todd Bowles isn't that safe

Bumble around like an idiot and lose the majority of the time.

If we are comparing Marrone and Hue though the biggest difference is that Marrone doesn't have an ego like Hue does. Marrone knows that playcalling isn't his strength so he delegates. Marrone is great at keeping the team focused and maintaining a good culture. Hue thinks he is the best and had to be forced to hand over the offense to someone else. Hue sucks at important but overlooked things like the culture in the locker room. The other thing is that Doug and the FO are in lockstep. The Jags have drafted generally unselfish and hard working players in Doug's short tenure. They seem to scout guys that will be receptive to Doug's culture. I know Ramsey gets a lot of shit but he definitely talks up all the other defensive players all the time. He actually is a good team player. The Browns can't draft for shit lately let alone find ones that fit a non-existent culture there.

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