I feel alone in many ways

I was able to find a good small group of guys ( I'm a guy) in my first year by some random chance, and I'm hoping we continue to study successfully together in the future (junior year).

I have thought to myself at times, how helpful it is to have someone to study with/ motivate you/ explain a difficult concept. And what if I was a lone wolf? Would I survive the academics on my own? Would I have the same grades? More importantly, have I become dependent on my study group?

I see some people that haven't really settled into any particular group, just kind of floating around and doing their thing. Sometimes they approach other groups, sometimes my group, asking for help or just looking to interact. Unless it's someone I really don't like, I'm usually pretty open to helping. I feel like it's good karma, after all I've been helped out of some pretty tight spots.

But it's usually the same story, most of my classmates (including my study buddies) are hesitant or even resistant to someone that is not in their clique. I understand the competitive nature and the desire to be at the top of the class, but then I wonder about all this "engineering is teamwork" concept the professors seem to push in my classes. I'm not always the friendliest person, but I try not to be condescending either. I have concluded that there are arrogant people and engineering school has no shortage, perhaps the industry can be that way too (based on what I've read mostly on reddit)?

What I'm trying to say is that I understand where you're coming from, and I wish things were better. I wish you could have a better experience at school, and people were more awesome. I hope you keep trying, and I believe you will eventually find someone/group that will open up to you. If not stay strong and finish that degree knowing you did it through your own abilities, and you're a badass.

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