Curb your 'FREE' Win

This hurt as bad as me calling out to stay on high ground in circle with 3 armor swaps last night. 3 teams left both hugging opposite ends of edge of circle low ground and both duos. Teammates both rush edge of circle get gibby ulted and domed one dies other escapes. I kill both from high ground with a 2x easily once dome goes away because there is 0 cover once his dome and ult are gone. Other team just B lines me manged to break both and down one but second armor swap didnt register the shields till after im downed with full shields. Meanwhile other teammate just heals at edge of circle and tries to loot the dead gibby lets them revive and tries to 2 v 1 while stimming and just gets demolished cause hes in wide open low ground. It made zero sense my bloodhound even had a kraber and his fucking ult ready.

I just dont get the logic of running in with a kraber from high ground and cover into the open for a gibby ult and dome fight when your sitting on circle with armor swaps. The sad thing is they both did that and probably did 50 damage each tops since both had red evo and took over a clip to kill and neither the gibby or wattson were even cracked. To top it off I was LL and if they had just stayed at high ground with me I could have easily tapped to res them and they could just grab a swap. I knew it was bad when the BH had the kraber for a whole ring and didnt hit a shot in first four bullets and the are all on low ground with minimal cover trying to poke with scouts to level up their evos. Which they did from blue to red lmao.

Just sucks when its your game to lose and teammates throw it away despite having every last advantage possible. I was like 7 damage off 3k and my BH with 700 damage is calling me a noob because hes level 500 and that I should have just run into open with them and ate a gibby ult for free lmao. Legit most frustrating game I'd had in awhile and I became lost for words all i could say is you're a fucking idiot and leave. Then a minute later Im getting text oh i looked at after game you had really high damage wanna party up? Like wtf no you're an idiot who just threw the game that I basically carried you through and called me a noob because you're a level 500 who still has 0 game sense why would I wanna party up. But hey thats apex for you. Daily be amazed by your randoms and how dumb they are sadly.

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