Game/Update Discussion | April 18th, 2023

Why do we have to wait so long for updates?

There is a lot of bugs right now that are "minor": Prowlers broken ADS, Control having broken spawn points, some Bang skin interfiering with ADS, etc.

But we have to wait till the next collection event/split/season until they are fixed. This is hurting the game and making certain modes (Control) nearly unplayable. Not to mention that these updates have been introducing more and more bugs lately.

Other games are pretty fast at fixing issues like this. CS:GO, Dota, LoL, Valorant, even (sometimes) Team Fortress 2 get frequent updates with fixes for issues like this.

This and the lack of communication (it's nice that Respawn has Trello page, but you can't find it unless you got the link) screams: missmanagement.

(I know that someone will mention that they just fired 200 QA testers, those were contractors and they were supposed to be replaced with a internal QA team, if they weren't that's still a management issue)

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