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What is the point of this comment?

To remind you of what reality feels like.

I would expect a country with 1.4 billion people to be more influential than a country with 100 million people, yes.

And I would expect a country of around 100 million people to be somewhere like Japan a country with population similar to yours, or even South Korea a nation that is barely half your size, almost half your population but like Japan is one of the economic powerhouses of Asia and the world. Something the Philippines could only dream of.

But I guess everyone is different eh?

On a per capita level, they're pretty much the same. You're comparing apples and oranges.

GDP per capita is irrelevant when measuring the economic powers of a state, because it is then countries like Luxembourg and Qatar will be the world's leading economies, if not the economic juggernauts of the world (Trust me they are not). Instead one of the better measurements of a state's economic power is Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), in which China is currently number 1 (17,632.014bn IMF) and Philippines is number 31 (751.770bn IMF).

So no comparing the Chinese economy to the Philippines is not like comparing apples to oranges as thats just way too generous. Instead its more like comparing a Siberian tiger to a domesticated cat.

And China is also a 3rd world country itself, are you daft?

Not really most economists if not all regard China as a second world country, I mean sure in terms of political freedom and freedom of press its a third world country but in terms of economic power and how far apart its GDP, PPP, GDP Per Capita are from actual third world countries (eg. Somalia, Pakistan) its not even close to being a third world country.

I mean no 3rd world country will have cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, or Guangzhou. Speaking of which, where are your cities that make you look like a 1st/2nd country instead of the 3rd world country most in China perceive you to be?

You talk as though China is already a First World paradise, now let's look at some facts.

Whats the fact, that China outpaces you in GDP per capita by $4046, or the fact that even when comparing GDP per capita (even though PPP better determines the economic power of a state) your living standards statistically is still far below China's?

I mean just looking at this stats, along with GDP, PPP and world economic rankings is probably why most Chinese people unsurprisingly think you are a third world country.

China is slightly ahead of the Philippines, but they aren't even at the level of Mexico or Brazil, let alone the actual First World countries.

Oh right because exceeding you by over $4000 is a "slight amount" isn't it? Here have a graph to get what I am trying to say.

Furthermore like I said GDP per capita dosen't indicate economic strength, if it does than countries like Qatar are far far stronger than literally all economies of the first world countries. Which in case you didn't know is NOT TRUE. And even if it isn't, in terms of GDP per capita you are literally still 3rd world compared to China.

Geez, get educated.

Oh believe me, I don't think I am the one being schooled here.

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