For America’s F-35 Stealth Fighter, the Best Case Is Still … Bad

wow, linking to a War is Boring article. sound. I always trust an article written by people who can't even grasp what "Multirole" is, and think that the f-35's the first one ever. WIB has apparently never heard of the Harrier, F-18, F-16, Gripen, Rafale, Eurofighter, or a dozen other platforms that are multiroles. Sound reporting there. Totally know what they're talking about.

You also know that those "analysts", were comparing the F-35 to stock F-16s right? You realize how fucking worthless a stock F-16 in combat is, right? Throw 3000lbs of ordnance on an F-16, and the required drop tanks for the F-16 to compete with the F-35s internal fuel range, and lets see how they compare in turning/speed/etc. Fucking ridiculous to compare a bare F-35 and a bare F-16, when a bare F-35 can drop some 3000lbs of ordnance some 600+ miles away, while a bare F-16 can do all of jack fucking shit up to 300 miles away. But that's expected when people listen to fucking crackpots like Pierre Sprey.

You know the range of VHF radar right? How it's drastically less than traditional radars due to the VHF frequency it operates on. Not to mention, that stealth technology doesn't mean "inability to be detected", but simply to make it harder to be detected, right? Or that Russia's VHF technology is 100% useless, when the only SAMs they have capable of tracking and targeting stealth aircraft, have a range of 50-75 miles, meaning by the time that missile intercepts a stealth aircraft, if it intercepts it at all, the aircraft would of been well in range to deploy a SDB-II... so say S-400 site, and hopefully that 9M96E2 was able to avoid the fighter's EAEW and other counter measures, otherwise that site's dead for nothing.

Speaking of EAEW, F-35s will come with an even newer version of SUTER, which if you have no idea what it is, is an airborne hacking program. Remember the Israeli air attack on the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007? Ever wonder why Syrian air defenses never even know there were enemy F-15s and F-16s in the air, let alone never fired a missile? That'd be SUTER! Considering that was against S-300s, and the F-35s will have a newer version, that's not looking too hot for S-400s

Or, we can ignore all that, and freak out about it, and demand the US just build more block 60 F-16s for $70M+ a pop (because that's how much the new F-16s cost) and not give a shit that their range and performance is greatly hindered if they try and do any mission. That sounds like a good plan!

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