Dads with daughters, out of all of their boyfriends which one did you hate the most and why?

I think back on my first relationship and wonder how my parents didn’t end it but truthfully, I learned so much and many of the things I learned just carried toxicity into my next relationship, like trust issues Things a 15 year old probably shouldn’t have had to learn but...

Anyway, I just found out he died and it’s made all of that resurface. I hope my daughter values herself more than I valued myself then. The things I did for that boy...and it was never enough. I’m talking like...anal, threesomes, videotapes, drugs. I had dirt kicked in my face when I was blackout drunk by him, for shits and giggles. He got chlamydia from someone else and never told me. That only scratches the surface, truthfully. And for whatever reason, I am mourning him.

So...yeah, let your kids learn but don’t let them be abused.

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