Went to Bluebonnet Park in Ennis to clear the corona blues. Very pretty out there.

We're supposed to have a great bloom along the Bluebonnet trail this year, depending on how the weather goes this week. If you bring your snacks, top off the car, and staying in it to keep your distance, it might be worth driving around to get your mind off of things. The typical route is along the back roads around FM 1181 and FM 660, that's typically your best bet.

Just don't pull over and get out, I'd suggest against it. Ennis is not having the official bluebonnet trail or festival this year, and these simple folk aren't expecting cars on the side of the road or people taking pictures of their front yards. We're not exactly at the "leather and spikes" stage of the apocalypse, but people are kind of on edge right now. If you choose to do this to take the edge off, don't put others on it. Be courteous, and above all, stay safe and healthy - physically and mentally.

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