Dan Lyons' Career: An Obituary

her targets are people they hate or otherwise want to see attacked. She's done if she lets her support go to her head and either plain mistargets once or twice or the "rules" suddenly change on her and one of her former targets is retroactively judged to be a mistarget.

I dunno, her hate rants are such wannabe post-modern claptrap how will anybody actually be able to tell if it's pointed in the wrong direction?

We know some things about women in tech.The brogrammer culture, with its flamboyant, self-congratulatory misogyny and pretend meritocracy. Its parodic, perpetual adolescence. Its lingo, its fashion, its vices. And yet very little of its true nature is revealed by a hype machine pumping out tabloid spread after tabloid spread in a late and questionably intentioned outrage.

Behind the stark heteronormativity is the predictable streak of rape culture, dangerously paired, as it often is, with a bland homoeroticism. Brogramming presents a bizarre, nightmarish hybrid: a re-imagined geek-as-boy-king that co-opts the jock stereotype in all its brazen physicality, with all its attendant vanilla, American, locker-room male bonding. In brogramming we see a white male hive mind which has tired of its own sexless, fumbling nerd stereotype — itself a cover-up, a type of plausible deniability for a long history of rampant sexual objectification, harassment and assault of women by “nerds.” The brogrammer movement trades a hidden culture of lecherous misogyny for an overt one in an effort to restore a masculinity lost to caricature.

And then there is Lean In, the new brand of white, extreme upper-class tech feminism championed by Sheryl Sandberg and epitomized by Marissa Mayer. It is a self-interested feminism of white privilege, bereft of historical context, bereft of critical thought. It is a feminism removed utterly from the challenges of average women workers in tech, a feminism deliberately pacified for the devouring palate of the status quo. It is, at last, a feminism the patriarchy can get behind.

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