Women who grew up without a dad, what was it like for you and how did that influence who you are today?

My Dad was out of the picture by my early teens. Before that he was quite abusive and just not all that great in general. He never felt like my family.

How did it affect me and the relationships I have with men?

I'm kind of weird with men. I don't like it when men around my Dad's age try to act all fatherly. It's a useless relationship to me.

In terms of dating I went the opposite way of my mother, her sisters and my grandmother (it's a cycle) I look for kind, attractive men who are calm and capable. I have no time for someone who has addictions or severe mental health problems. I don't mean to offend anyone by that. I've spent my life surrounded by men with those problems and it just about killed me as a person. I refuse to be exposed to any more. It's basically a life goal.

I've also noticed that I have more equal relationships with men when I do have them. I don't have many ideas about men doing this, women doing that. I think it's because I've been forced into what many would consider a non traditional role.

I'm not as independent from my small family as other people are who grew up with your standard Mum and Dad. Most people my age (23) have moved out already. I really want to move out but at the same time I worry about leaving my mother. I don't want her to feel alone as she hasn't had success in finding a partner. I'm the only reliable adult she has around. Otherwise I'm a little too independent. Too distant. It's sometimes an odd dichotomy and guys my age don't like it. They often interpret my living situation as me being immature or dependent. For whatever reason I never bother to correct that. I don't know why I do that.

I have younger siblings and I think you tend to take on the role as the other parent. It can be a lot of pressure. Finding the space for a partner can be too much pressure because that's another person you have to look out for.

So basically I don't go for abusive idiots like generations of women in my family. But I have no fucking idea of how to old a relationship anyway. I just know when to leave one. Could be worse :p

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