I just got my first WoW account back. Took several minutes of talking with Blizzard support.

By the way, the guy who you were defending just tried to do this shit.

I was defending the merit of his claim, not the claimant. He still wasn't wrong.

Anyway, I really can't take what you say seriously. You have some issues to work out which don't involve me.

You need to learn about some logical fallacys. It would likely help you in the future if you're trying to have a conversation with someone.

For what it's worth, I can't really take you seriously either. You've ninja edited several posts which in some cases completely changed the merit of the post. You've also repeatedly tried to employ Character Assassination to this discussion, despite you not knowing anything about me and being repeatedly wrong about basically every claim you've made. You've yet to disprove any of my claims (only refute them on the grounds that it was me making them), and won't even post your armory.

I wasn't doubting (or care) whether or not you have the gear from Naxx40. I just tried to point out that you were incorrect about T2.5 being "better". This caused you to come unglued.

You think tank stats in vanilla had absolutes?

No, I know that they had absolutes in terms of BIS and different set bonus breakpoints. I know know that at no point would T2.5 be considered over having a T2 set bonus. You clearly don't and can't be persuaded that you're wrong. If these things didn't have absolutes, sites like Elitist Jerks wouldn't have been even remotely as popular as they were. Seeing as you didn't know you could transfer to any server for Naxx40, I'm going to assume that you didn't read theorycrafting sites.

You even keep telling me I have garbage reading comprehension as well. Stop trying to pretend you aren't being a complete jackass.

You missed several key parts of my posts, including the one where I transferred off of Blackrock. You also seem to be unable to pick out context clues from my posts,

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