Democrats still don't want to impeach: It's time for the people to force their hand

How? You just spoke, that is the opposite of silence.

And while you say it's not your job to say where it was in the report, let me repost the wall of babble you wrote. You wrote EVERYTHING below but dont have time or energy to find the page? Sounds like you looked and failed to find it...

The report specifically states that the Justice Dept guidelines prohibit him from indicticting the President while in office. He also states that his inability to indict also means that he cannot say that he would indict, because doing so without the President's ability to stand trial to potentially clear his name would have the same effect.

He goes on to say that if the evidence evidence supported exoneration of the President, he WOULD so state and then says that he CANNOT say that based on the evidence gathered. In other words, yes there is evidence that the President obstructed justice, but OLC guidelines prevent me from stating this in the report.

He then goes through 10 separate possible obstruction charges and states that to meet the burden to prove the charges that 3 elements must he met.

For each of the 10 possible obstruction charges, he goes through the evidence for each element required to prove criminal conduct.

On 2 of those charges, one of the three required elements was not provable beyond a reasonable doubt (a very hugh standard) despite significant evidence for at least 2 of the elements being provable.

On 4 of the potential charges, Mueller found and lays out significant provable evidence that exceeds the beyond a reasonable doubt threshold to bring criminal obstruction charges.

On tue other 4 possible charges, Mueller finds significant evidence to meet all 3 criminal elements, but also shows some very small amount of evidence that might be used to argue against intent while also stating that tue preponderance of evidence in those 4 does seem to meet the required burden of proof.

So the most generous reading for Trump is that Mueller found 4 separate instances of criminal obstruction with overwhelming evidence to meet the beyond a reasonable doubt standard and 4 additional instances that would be prosecutable today if Trump were not President and protected by Justice Dept guidelines, guidelines that have never been tested in Court.

Finally, he states multiple times that Congress has the power to act on these charges AND also says multiple times that tue President can be indicted on these charges once he leaves office.

You should read the report for yourself. There is a very good reason 900+ former Justice Dept prosecutors have signed on to say the Trump would clearly have been indicted and convicted on multiple counts of Obstruction if he were not the current President. It isn't even a close call.

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