Why Denis Villeneuve is going to become a household name like Christopher Nolan

FYI, you're arguing with a paid astroturfer for the movie. That, or someone with a level of obsession normal people can't match.

FYI people, users like /u/CBFisaRapist are the worst.

They think they are being clever little detectives, when in reality, if I was actually a paid astroturfer, it would take me less than a minute to create a new account and completely shake them off.

Every time people like /u/CBFisaRapist try to "expose" me, I hit back with logic, and then they stop replying, because they know they have nothing to respond back with:

I'd strongly recommend walking away while you can. This guy will spend days and hundreds of posts arguing minutia with anyone who isn't obsessively on board the Dunkirk train. He's done it before.

Except I don't, and I have never "done it before".

I don't reply to the numerous comments criticizing Dunkirk for its lack of characters, story, that it was boring, confusing, repetitive, too loud, etc.

What I do counter is people making factually-wrong statements about the movie, since I followed the production closely and know a lot about it.

And if thou gaze long into an abyss...

Nice try making up lies, though.

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