Dentist tells me to be more like his daughter, pushes year-long treatment on me, tells me not to have sex

EDIT!: Okay so I guess this is getting out of hand in the "you are overreacting" posts. I guess I buried my main concern in context of the story. Here is an updated TLDR: I was upset that a dentist gave me antibiotics before a procedure. I had never experienced this with the same procedure. He then told me not to have sex, rather than use backup, etc. He also told me to not focus on dating and go back to school. It was the whole "trying to be my father" thing that weirded me out. Not necessarily sexually. If you still think I am overreacting then that is fine. I hope this is the right place -- I just wanted to share my story for women who may have experienced something similar. EDIT: I typed this up a while ago but saw another post that inspired me to post it. Yay for questionable practices in the medical field. I don't have dental coverage and haven't for some time, so I jumped at the opportunity for a $25 cleaning/x-ray/exam special at a local dentist. Everything seemed routine as a tech cleaned my teeth and performed some x-rays. I reported that I had a spinal fusion in 2008, and the actual dentist, lets call him Dr. R, prompted me to take a dose of antibiotics before my cleaning. I'd had ortho and dental treatment since the surgery without this sort of precaution so I was a little confused, but took the pills and came back in an hour. Looking through my x-rays, Dr. R informed me I had a few cavaties which I expected. He also informed me that my teeth and gums looked like they were degenerating, make comments that they looked like they were 40 years old (I'm 23). Finally he told me I needed my wisdome teeth pulled. I've been told my my last dentist that it wasn't necessary. This whole situation had me a little rattled, especially when I was coerced into a treatment plan costing over $5k. The entire time, he made casual conversation about how he had a daughter and how I should follow the same career path as his daughter, needed to get a masters, focus on school instead of my boyfriend, etc. At the end of the cleaning, he was scolding me about my gums bleeding a lot (I haven't been to the dentist in a few years, sue me!) and kept recommending me to his "friend" who is an oral surgeon. The worst part was after everything was over, Dr. R was going over my records and pointed at my birth control as a listed medication. He said "You know those antibiotics you took? Well don't have sex for a week". Not use a backup method, or even that the pills make the BC less effective. He said "don't have sex". I was appalled. Dr. R had advised me to be like his daughter (no dating, go back to school) which I think is creepy and pushing boundaries as it is. He also instructed me NOT TO HAVE SEX, which I think is way out of line for a DENTIST to be dictating. Finally, his front office person diligently pushed a $5k treatment plan on me, to which I simply paid my $25 and walked out in tears. (Bonus: wanting to refer me to his "friend" for oral surgery) I have never felt so violated at a medical office. Something was way out of line there. In the future, I am interested in hearing a second opinion from another dentist to see if they think I need a huge treatment plan over the course of a year. I generally hate calling men creepy because I think it is anti-feminist to label anyone this way, but this was just crazy to me! Am I way out of line? TL;DR: Dentist coaches me on how to live life like his daughter, pushes crazy year-long treatment on me after only being there once, tells me not to have sex

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