Did anyone treat you differently after weight loss?

Sales clerks are ridiculously nice. Like it’s crazy. I used to be almost completely ignored. Now I get good service and it almost freaks me out.

My husband is also MUCH nicer. More attentive. Responds to requests. More careful. Compliments me more. It’s actually a little upsetting to see, to be honest.

However, I don’t know how to explain it, but actual social interactions have this edge now. I just get more shit. People in social situations are quick to judge. Quick to sort of challenge me. Quick to dismiss me as stupid. If I say anything, even if I’m super super careful, people have much more of a reaction to it. Like when I said my doggy classes website wasn’t working and asked for help, they were super nice to me over email. But when we met in person, they were shitty. I realized the picture on my email is old and heavier. I didn’t care about the website. I was just trying to figure it out. I wasn’t complaining. But people take things I say much more seriously now.

I remember it used to happen like that when I was younger. Then it stopped when I got older. I think that everyone started ignoring me completely and I thought they were being nicer because I had therapy lol.

So people treat me better in some ways. But worse in others. It’s like I traded one set of assumptions for another. It is very odd to see how completely dismissed and ignored I was before. It’s stressful to feel like no one saw me as a person when I wasn’t attractive. And now they see me, but they mostly kind of dislike me. It feels like what I say and who I am Doesn’t really count for much.

Very disappointing I guess

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