Did you guys sing songs about killing Barney in school, too? Is this phenomena passed down knowledge or spawns naturally in kids?

These are some of the versions I remember of the Barney song...

I love booze, Booze loves me Holy shit, I have to pee! I'm so smashed I'm falling on the floor Alcoholic Dinosaur

I hate you, You hate me. Lets get together and kill Barney! With a great big shot to his head, Barney is surely dead!

I hate you, you hate me Let's strap Barney to a tree! Shot him with a 44 No more purple dinosaur!

I love you, you hate me Barney gave me HIV So I kicked him in the balls, And shot him in the head. Now that purple bastards dead!

I hate you, you love me Let's tie Barney to a tree With an axe in his back, And a bullet through the head Sorry kids but Barney's dead

And this bonus song that I think everyone knows a version of:

Jingle Bells, Batman smells Robin laid an egg Batmobile lost a wheel And the Joker got away.

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