Did you high school have an "incident"? What was it?

Oh finally an answer I can do well. After my first year of high school I started living with my Mother instead of my Dad for the first time since they split up (When I was like 6) My mum lived in a reasonably rough place but one of my best friends and step brother had grown up there and I was living with him so I didn't feel like I was in any danger.

First year at my new school over the first holiday break a student playing with fire by the woodwork block at night accidentally caught a plastic bin on fire (I believe it was just an ember when he left the school and it was entirely accidental). The resulting fire burned down the entire woodwork block and put a lot of the seniors under tons of stress due to them losing all of their work from the first term. Everyone got an extra week of holidays while they cleaned it up and put in some temporary buildings for a makeshift woodwork block.

Then second year I was at my new school a student stabbed a Teacher in the neck with a knife (I later learned I was only like one classroom over when it happened). The student who did it was someone who I had a run in with earlier in the year when him and about 10 of his mates tried to beat up and rob myself and 2 friends on the night of my 16th birthday (Luckily we were able to run off to a nearby KFC, me being the only one slightly injured from a few punches to the face) the guy was a real scumbag and I wasn't very surprised (unsure of how true it was but people said he stabbed the teacher for some sort of Gang initiation). The teacher was luckily okay and was back teaching a few weeks later. The details after that are a little foggy due to a lot of rumors going around but I believe the kid went to Juvenile prison for it. fast foward 6 months or so, a bunch of this kids mates (who from what I know were into the same gangs and stupid crap) got drunk one night and crammed about 6 of them in a tiny little 2 door car and crashed into the railing on a bridge at something like 150Km or for Americans about 93Mph (Not too sure but I believe at least half of them died in the crash) and the kid who stabbed the teacher upon hearing about this hung himself in his cell. Just to reiterate I really have no idea how much of this is exactly right but from what I could learn this is what happened.

I'm still conflicted on whether I feel terrible about this next part of not but when the school announced he had killed himself and asked everyone for a minute of silence I laughed out loud and was sent out of class for finding it funny. The guy was just a terrible person and the world is better off without him as far as I'm concerned.

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