The Miss World competition will no longer feature a swimsuit competition, the organisation announced | The national director of Miss World America explained: "The organization has decided to take itself out of the swimsuit world because it isn't the path they're trying to take."

Lie to us, don't lie to yourself. (wait no, don't lie)

Actually, it's not called a beauty pageant. Not to be clichè, but it is called a scholarship program

The only reason to bring that up here is if it's actually meaningful. I doubt anyone here cares what these organizations consider themselves and the difference only matters to people who's minds have been so warped by being involved in this thing that they think the fact that they don't have to get half-naked for a "scholarship program" actually counts for much in the long run.

This is at worst an objectification of women, and at best a chance for the women to join a goody-goody feel nice club and get material rewards.

This is very easily proved. Look at what is constant in the history - the beauty part and the pagent part. Other features became emphasized as a defence in the face of an evolving culture, but this is not an evolution of the pagent into someting else. It's marketing.

Giving out scholarships is the oldest trick in the book. Scholarships being involved helps nothing. Tons of organizations give those out. I'm willing to bet Oreo cookies gives out some sort of scholarships each year, but they don't say "well no, we're not a baked-goods company we're a scholarship organization"

I have so many friends who are covered in blood and shit right now trying to help people. So many friends who bust their ass academically... because it's right, or because they want to, whatever. For you to suggest that these things are even somewhat actually about that is disgusting to me.

I'm not gonna fault you too much for doing it. Sounds like you had some fun and got something for yourself and got to help some people. Sorry though, this is just something you are entirely on the wrong side of history about.

The reality is you could have achieved all your goals in much better ways - and if there weren't chances you should have fucking set them up. What looks better on your college transcript: "participated in antiquated meat show and then did some token community service" or "started an organization on campus to bring women together to do good".

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