Did a search of filtered r/music posts for only "I made this" flair, during the past year. 10 results down, the max anybody had was 50 points. Meanwhile on Saturdays, dozens of artists try posting their material per hour. I get it some are low quality, but that's proof they're not welcome here.

Trying to analyze why this is.

I sorta feel for these artists. I like to browse for new stuff. They're all optimistic. haha.. Well thought I'd give 'em a dose of the actual reality around here.

The rare track is interesting and has potential, but usually if it's fair, they'll already have hits from elsewhere. These other guys who kinda got it going on but something still needs work.. They're not gonna get that hand-up from around this subreddit. Not very encouraging for them though.

I guess it's because everybody has too many distractions. Too many outlets these days to just sit there listening to an album. It seems like not too many people browse the new tab. It's just artists trying to plug their stuff. Nobody checking the other bands material.

I don't know what the problem is. People should be more supportive of artists trying to make new music. It's tough enough out there with how things are with labels. Not gonna be happening from those companies. Especially if you don't play live.

Music really is stale though considering the digital tools these days. You'd think things would be more creative instead of it sounding like it has in the past. They keep using that same old song structure recipe and drum sound at beat timing.

I guess perhaps that's why nothing gets upvoted because nobody puts more imagination into the product. A lot of it really just doesn't do anything for you to make you go wow.

Takes work though to find half good stuff.. it's like a diamond in the rough. Buncha fodder to go thru to find something more interesting than the rest. And people have too many distractions to spend time surfing for new music I guess. Lost in an ocean of horse crap.

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