Did you watch football with your dad while growing up? Got any funny or interesting stories?

My dad is a shit head and I haven't talked to him in 20 years, but before that happened, I can remember watching a game with him in 1985. This story is about college football, but we did also watch the NFL

My team was unranked and playing their bitter rival who was the #7 team in the nation. We came out playing well and took and early lead. We would relinquish the lead for the first time with about 7 minutes left in the game and that crushed me, but then we answere about 2 minutes later. It was so exciting and I was sure that we would win. Then I sat there and watched as our hated rival put together a brilliant TD scoring drive that left less than one minute on the clock.

My spirits were killed, but I continued to sit there and stare at the screen because I felt obligated since my dad was still watching.

I watch as my team gets the ball on the 20 with 57 seconds left and 1 time. The first play is an incomplete pass. The second play is a sack for 12 yards that runs the clock down to about 37 seconds.

I get up and walk away with my head down as my dad tells me not to leave, but I keep walking. A few minutes or seconds later I hear him yell "come back". I know it's over so I ignore him. A little bit later he is yelling my name "get back in here".

I begrudgingly sulk back to the living room to see my team coming to the line at it is 4th and about 4. It's a WR reverse. QB Mike Shula makes the best block that I've ever seen a QB make and it's a first down.

The next play is an incomplete pass followed by a complete pass right in the middle of the field. The WR immediately sprints to the sideline, but he's grabbed about 5 yards away, but somehow drags the defender and gets out of bounds at the 36.

Less than 10 seconds and no time outs, the kicking team runs on the field. K Van Tiffin had already missed a 52 harder with the wind in his favor. This was a 53 harder against the wind, so it didn't look good.

The kick goes up and clears the up rights as time expires. The announcers scream "it's good it's good it's good it's good it's good! Van Tiffin has kicked a 53 yard field goal and the state of Alabama is Crimson!"

We had a tradition of turning down the TV and listening to the radio announcers, so that part of the experience was a bit over the top, but that was great for me as a 9 year old.

That was the day that an unranked Alabama upset powerhouse Auburn and Heisman winner Bo Jackson. That game changed me as a fan and shaped the way I would watch football for the rest of my life. My dad taught me that day to not be a pussy and not give up on my team. That's one of the only positive memories I have with my asshole father, but it is a good one that I appreciate.

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