[Discussion] Boomers letting their guitars go...

Ehhh I completely disagree with what you're saying. For example green day sold 16 million records in 2004.

2000 ... 2004 .. Potato potata .. Green day, Limpin, John Mayer .. it all ends around early to mid 2000's .. Show me a similar example post the 00s .. Even if you find one example, before that you could find lots of examples

Metallica went to number one with their last album and did a stadium tour on the back of it.

Metallica is a my generation band. Have you been to a Metallica concert. It is littered with old fart like me. Rollings Stones also sell out stadiums (or at least last time they where in my neck of the woods some 5 years ago). I live next to the stadium .. it was 40.000 boomers. But they sold out.

This "rock is dead" thing is stupid because there's demonstrably a huge market for live music.

People like the music of their generation. And sure .. huge demand for live music. Current artist Ed Sheeran sold out a stadium recently (and he actually plays guitar!), so did Arianna Grande. So will Taylor Swift, if she ever drops by

But what rock bands that had their break thru post 2010 do you see filling stadiums?

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