[Discussion] MMO preservation is terrible and it's ruining my interest in the genre.

That is true. There could be a distinction between PvP games like ATK and PvE games like WoW. They attract different audiences and combining PvP and PvE is extremely hard.

I have no desire to solo content in any game I play. I've quit most of my previous games when my guild broke apart.

Developers should focus on how to break the in-group out-group mentality everyone in a MMORPG has. Once I am in a guild, I am no longer incentivized to do anything with people outside of my guild. They can ditch at any time due to lack of responsibility, wasting my time.

You can see it clearly in WoW classic. People used to level up together and ran a bunch of dungeons at the start. No longer happens due to all of their in-group being max level. It's better to pay a few hundred gold for powerleveling so they can go back to playing with their in-group sooner.

To be honest I have no idea how to fix this. AoC's node system seems to be kind of interesting, especially if they don't go hard on creating instanced encounters, but it might end up with the same dynamic regardless.

It is also why fresh launches are so alluring. Nobody knows nobody else and you can ACTUALLY make friends. Once a few weeks pass it becomes much harder to do.

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