DLC #3 Silver Lining Megathread (SPOILERS)

(Spoiler Warning which I guess I don't need to clarify because the thread name, but I'm gonna do it anyways)

I don't have any friends that like Spider-Man much and I just kinda wanna talk about it cause I just 100%ed it so sorry if I just kinda mimic what other people say. But I really loved this DLC. The first 2 were admittedly not amazing. I still enjoyed them, but that's because I adore the core gameplay so much. I agree with most complaints this sub had aside from the enemies being unfair. After I learned about electric web for the mini gun guys I enjoyed the new enemy types and appreciated the extra challenge they brought personally.
The story was way more engaging in this pack, I was very interested in the main story and side stories, specifically the Yuri one even if it didn't lead anywhere. I assume she'll be a big part of the sequel. The first DLC had an engaging story but the second one didn't grab me much at all. I loved the Spider-Man and Silver Sable interactions a lot. I also still really enjoy the dynamic between Peter and MJ and the conversations between Peter and Miles.
I found the screwball missions to be okay. I liked the taskmaster missions and these were practically the same thing. I hate the stealth ones though, the point of stealth to me at least is to take my time and survey the area while taking the best course of action. The timer made me feel rushed and make a lot of mistakes forcing me to reset and I just didn't have much fun. The combat challenges are okay but nothing too special. The bomb and drone ones were fun to me because i liked perfecting my run until I could get the gold medals. The gadget challenges were my favorite for sure though, they weren't very hard but I thought they were creative and it was really fun to just throw out gadgets and take out 20 guys in a 10 second time frame. I wish there were more than 1 of these in each pack but I guess they could have overstayed their welcome if they threw 3/4 into each DLC pack. I also thought the screwball chase was super cool and fun, it was neat incorporating the photobombs from a few of the different challenges and I just always like the chases anyways so I thought this was a good ending to her.

I absolutely loved the sewer environment, I liked those levels a lot in older Spider-Man games (namely the first movie game and the amazing spider-man games) so I'm glad to see it back! It was super fun to traverse in the main mission and it's just nice to have a new environment for the wave side missions instead of the normal warehouse that a lot of them use. I thought all the missions were fun too, especially fighting side by side with Silver Sable. I thought the boss fight with hammerhead was fun but I hope for a sequel insomniac gets a little more creative with the boss fights. I want them to be a bit more interesting, almost every fight keeps the same pattern to attack for the whole fight. The electro/vulture and rhyno/scorpion fights kinda helped this because you had 2 different ways to attack because there were two enemies and they're still my favorite fights even if they do kinda suffer from the same thing.

This was longer than I thought it was gonna be but all in all I liked the DLC a whole lot and am very excited for a sequel. The game itself is my personal GOTY so I have high hopes. Also the Stan Lee image at the end was really nice.

TL;DR: dlc epic. video game good.

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