Does this count as shoplifting?

This store sells a lot of items, therefore, the room is quite cluttered. The first incident, I took a quick glance at the floor and I didn’t see a tag so I went back to the tray of bracelets to try and find an identical one (I did find one, but it also didn’t have the tag on it, as I pointed out to the cashier).

The second incident, I didn’t realize that the sticker had fallen off, as I was looking for a second book to read. I tried to retrace my steps, but there are stacks of books on the floor as well, so I wasn’t able to. I simply asked the cashier the price of the book and paid him. The next day, when I found another copy of the same book, granted in better condition than the one I purchased, I offered to pay the balance, but the shopkeeper said don’t worry about it.

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