Does praying away gay work?

Calling someone a liar that doesn’t late is in fact hate speech. It’s minimizing and gas lighting a human being, and that’s literally the opposite of love, so it IS hate.

Stigmatize - describe or regard as worthy of disgrace or great disapproval.

Did nothing of the sort. Homosexuality is sin. That’s what the Bible says. It’s walking in the flesh. We aren’t supposed to live like that. That’s what God says. Just like premarital sex is sin. No difference. The conversation stemmed around praying homosexual feelings. That’s what was conversed about. It would of been the same conversation had we been talking about porn, premarital sex, or any other sin.

People were justifying sin and wrongful behavior about God and his word, I reiterated what scripture says. The conversation then took a turn because people were defending flesh instead of God’s word and were justifying flesh. Then purposely came in to prove that I was wrong about Gods word when I was not. That was attacks, regardless of you or them either can’t see it or accept this truth.

And you aren’t being made fun of because you speak another language. You were being made fun of because you couldn’t spell correctly while hating on someone that quite honestly, had nothing to do with you, and further you did nothing to add to the conversation but only chose to hate on someone. I didn’t lie about anything and you kept on insisting someone was lying. So if you are going to hate on someone, you might want to at least know how to spell correctly while doing it. Falling back in, “it’s not my primary language…” is not really a good excuse of why you can’t pick up a dictionary and learn how to spell like the rest of us have to do at some point in our lives if we wanted to speak English. If you want to gas light someone in the process of hating on them, then you put yourself in that situation to begin with.

But way to turn yourself into the victim while you are hating on someone ;)

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