Don’t know why this is such a hard thing for people on twitter to comprehend

It's blatantly obvious they're using the embargo as a shield for all the vile commie shit they actually believe. It let's them shift the burden onto pro-democracy activists and say 'look at these gusanos/fascists/capitalists, they don't care about Cuban suffering'

How the fuck is lifting the embargo supposed to protect you when some spook kidnaps you from your house in the middle of the night? Living in constant fear is not acceptable whether you have enough to eat or not.

Cubans have been existing on the brink of starvation for decades. Even the current circumstances, as dire as they are, it's been just as bad before. People are just exhausted. Our youth are getting a full look at the outside world through the internet that I never got growing up and they want to be a part of it. That island is a fucking abattoir and these ghouls feeding on the souls of our children.

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