Don't Tinder, guys.

Sorry for a long post. Just some additional anecdotal evidence from a recent fake-bio Tinder experience that I would like to share...

226 beautiful Doctors, Lawyers, Marketing VPs, and everything in between matched up with me in one day with a fake Tinder profile. No bio, just a single head shot of a model. South Florida. These are the same women that had swiped left for over a year on my real profile. The same women who I would rarely occasionally get matched with, then try to be suave, respectful, and cool, and then get lambasted over it for not treating her like a "lady"....yup these women were also the ones who were DTF in about five minutes with Mr. Model. I own my own home, boat, business, financially independent, lots of friends, play in bands, and would average about 15 matches a week, but boom, this dude... soul crushing.

More success in one day then my entire life. As Mr. Model, I was literally able to say anything to any 9 or 10 and she was butter. I could get the 5-7 to eat out the garbage for a chance to go out with me. All DTF, willing to drive 35 miles just to jump a single head shot... no matter what I said or did it was considered funny or she would tell me she was turned on. That 28 yo beautiful doctor, yeah she just wanted to fuck like all the other 225 women.

I used to wait so many countless hours, money on dates, etc. Years! Three years of disappointment! Pure insanity. Never getting any type of success that I enjoyed. Hours of life wasted and trying to justify it, maybe you have been there...I hope you haven't. But lots of us have...

I used to sit at my desk at lunch crafting the perfect witty response to a solid 6. In the end it never mattered....except I thought it did. That 7-10 beautiful woman, nope, never even got the ability to speak to her. I would be swiped left all day, every day, while I told myself she was probably a "bot" and I will one day find the right woman. After 32 years I know less about women after Mr. Model was done scaring me for thing I do know now, Rule #1. It is the only rule that matters. Your 200k job means less to a successful beautiful doctor than a garbage man with muscles and a square jaw. We would like to think it's different, but 226 women just proved me wrong, in one day. Your looks is the only thing that matter. Repeat it out loud, it sucks, but your only as great as that first photo. You are only worth your headshot to a stranger.

My anecdotal recipe for Tinder success, according to Mr. Model: 1. Don't Tinder unless your 10% bf or less.

  1. Don't Tinder unless you have STRONG facial definition (My 226 matches were based only on ONE head shot!). (Go take a look at the previous contestants on the Bachelor, if these men don't represent your physical qualities, don't Tinder and expect good results.)

  2. Don't show anything that gives off a Peter Pan Syndrome. Your pet is the only hobby that women respect. Don't Tinder with real interests, unless #1 or #2 apply. Then they swoon. That band photo with hundreds of people watching, she doesn't care.

  3. Don't waste your time on the bio, nobody reads it. No one. Repeat out loud. She is not reading your bio. That doctor doesn't care if you are a garbage man. Don't waste your time on the bio.

  4. Don't sit there photoshopping your photo hoping that she doesn't realize it. They do. Compression analysis and Photoshop are a woman's best friend on her to get her mani pedi.

  5. Remember - that beautiful 10 would rather sit at home waiting for her Solid 9 and 10 to message her then spend one moment with a guy that doesn't make her soak like a geyser. You failed at the photo, so you fail at life.

I feel like I have been living in hell since my experiment. I have spoken to Friends, Family, even spoke to my ex-boss about it. I feel like I am negative, but I just walked out onto a stage with another man, and 226 women chose him over me. Now I feel like I am a realist.

Anyone have a similar experience?

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