[WP] You are one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Hell. Write how your daily life goes.

"Where the fuck is my lipstick?"

She shoved her arm into her enormous make-up box in the bathroom, digging through the abyss of lipsticks past fifty shades of red, gold, pink, silver. She always looked forward to the moment where she could paint her lips to feel invincible, no, more like to be invincible, as if a god kissed her and graced her another day of everlasting beauty to start her way. "I just saw it like a second ago."

"What? Just use another one. Come on, we're late already."

She froze and stopped digging, stunned. "Oh, no, no, no, no, you just didn't tell me that. Fusion is not Pink Burst and vice versa. Fusion and Pink Burst may be sisters born from the color of magenta but they are sisters, not identical twins. How many times do I have to explain it to you? I just can't understand how hard it is for you to understand that!"

"They are the same shade, for Christ's sakes! Fusion and Pink Burst are from different companies so naturally, they'd come up with different names for the same shade to sell theirs to be better than others! Of course, it got the best out of you-"

"Why, thank you," she turned in the mirror and smirked, blowing a kiss at herself and trying to imagine how Fusion would complete her flawless face with a touch of elegance and superiority. Only if she could find that little...

"By best, I meant the best at being the hag of hubris!" He shouted behind her.

"What did you just call me?" The hag? How... how dare he! She spun to face him so fast that her black dress swirled behind her and anger bubbled in her like a hot lipstick left in the car on a hot day too long. Blindly grabbing something from the sink behind her for anything to hit him. Anything.

She raised her fist at his face to show him that beauty was not to be insulted upon. But before she could strike him, something in her fist gleamed and caught her eye. "Oh, there you are! I've been looking everywhere for you."

On the sink the whole time where she couldn't believe she didn't look there for Fusion. Untwisting the cap off, she painted it on her lips and bent onto the mirror to kiss herself and for the gods of beauty as well.

Feels good to be writing again... Need to get better than before.

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