Book an episode of NXT as though it were Raw.


HHH comes out to watch the main event ringside. Zayn's music hits and he skanks his way to the ring energizing the crowd. Every cheers. HHH claps. Next comes Neville. He makes his way to the ring to fewer cheers but still a good draw.

Finally, John Cena's music hits. He emerges from the back like a spring chicken, his limp and shoulder no longer bothering him. He sprints into the ring, and raises high the gang symbol he's best known for "Hustle. Loyalty. Respect".

The three men back into their corners while the ref holds high the NXT Championship. The bell rings, and all three come out swinging. Zayn and Neville team up against Cena taking him out early in the match. Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Powerbomb, and Neville follows it up with a Red Arrow. Cena rolls out of the ring, landing at the feet of a smiling HHH. Zayn and Neville stare each other down in the ring. Cut to commercial.

Back from the break we see both Zayn and Neville winded but still going at it. The commentators talk about what we missed during the break, cutting away to a replay from the break. The most insanely awesome, back and forth exchanges, flippy shit, and other feats of spectacularity are shown. They come back to the match as Zayn and Neville bounce off the ropes and hit each other with a clothesline, knocking both men down. The camera then zooms in on Cena trying to catch his breath still laying on the ground in front of HHH. Mocking him, HHH gets in Cena's face. "Come on John. Their time is up, you're time is now." He says with an evil grin. "Never give up, John" HHH chokes out while laughing. He picks Cena up by the jorts and rolls him in the ring.

Zayn gets up and starts to mount an attack against Cena. Trading punches, Cena starts to over take Zayn, but Neville comes in and distracts Cena. Zayn gets ready behind Cena and spins him around, grabbing him and hitting him with the Blue Thunder Powerbomb. Cena is down and out. Neville attacks Zayn, until he gets him on the ground setting him up for The Red Arrow.

Neville climbs to the top rope, balances, looks around as the crowd goes wild. He points both fingers in the air, and leaps into the Red Arrow. At the top of his flip rotation, Cena springs to his feet, catches Neville on his shoulders, then hitting the AA while dropping Neville ontop of Zayn.

1! 2! 3! HHH is furious, the fans explode with indifference to the new NXT Champion, as the commentators shout how everyone is going wild for the ultimate underdog. Show Cena raising the NXT belt over his head shouting "THE CHAMP IS HERE!"

Fade to black, then show the "Then. Now. Forever." bump with R-Truth dancing across the screen before Total Divas queues up next on the Network.

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