A dude I know cooks in a busy kitchen and got this mid-rush. RIP Megan.

All sugars end in -ose, and carbohydrates are built from those sugars. Being allergic to sugar just isn't possible, there'd be nothing on earth you could eat.

Popped in the thread to chime in that Megan's a hypochondriac, but you are sort of wrong. Several of the things she's listed on that cards aren't known to have allergens. Cranberries, Vanilla, green beans, and coffee in particular are not known to cause allergic reactions. People claim caffeine allergies are real, but it's not. Coffee can cause an occupational allergy from inhaled coffee dust, but unless Megan harvests coffee beans for a living in Columbia, I really doubt she's developed that allergy. The sucrose/maltodextrin thing pops out at me, though. A lot of syrups are derived from corn. If she's allergic to corn (it's incredibly rare, and not a real food allergy. It's actually a sensitivity), or milk, the sucrose and maltodextrin thing start to make sense because maltodextrin is made from the fermentation of fructose, lactose or sucrose, and there's no legal requirement to distinguish what it was made from. Still, the refining process effectively destroys the allergens and very few people will still react to it. Also, if she's allergic to legumes AND tree nuts, she's probably also allergic to peanuts --but those are missing from her list. Note the lack of chocolate, too. Oh, and shrimp, lobster, and other shellfish. This reads more as a list of foods that Megan doesn't like / doesn't eat because she's read on the internet that they are bad.

I've got a peanut allergy and an auto-immune disease to boot. It pisses me off to no end seeing people acting like immune disorders are a fucking lifestyle choice. I have to carry around an epinephrine pen with me everywhere I go, because if I happen to eat something cooked in peanut oil (You'd be surprised how many restaurants use it and don't advertise/know/lie about checking), My eyes swell shut, my throat closes, and my hands turn into raw, red, hive-covered fucking hams. This bitch? She rolls around with a fucking business card like she's making fucking friends with the kitchen staff or some shit.

TL;DR: Go fuck yourself, Marla, you fucking tourist.

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