Its been a great two weeks

I have to say it might actually be magic. I used to be extremely depressed. I was so depressed I didn't get a haircut or even a line up for months, I was over weight by ninety pounds, I gave up with social interactions, and I just slept all day or browsed YouTube.

Back in August I found out I was getting a 1K refund from and college and for a month I was planning on building a computer with the money, but the week before the money came my grandmother asked me to drive her to Walmart, and as we were walking around the pharmacy section I starting looking at the shaving products and stuff and decided what if I brought myself a complete shaving set. Later on when I got back to my house I starting researching the best shaving products to get(one of my favorite things to do is research items in depth before I make a purchase) and it occurred to me I couldn't just start shaving regularly to be more attractive I need was gonna needbetter clothes. I had been wearing cargoes with tee shirts for months that wasn't gonna work out. Luckily I the money was coming the following week.

I did all my research for clothes with /r/malefashionadive and made a list of clothing and hygiene items I needed eventually just decided I would just throw out alll my current clothes and just replace everything. I know 1k isn't a lot but I made the most of it. I went the following week to Walmart and brought button down shirts, chinos, slim straight jeans, belts, socks, boxers, tank tops, and shoes. Yes, I got everything for walmart. I know it wasn't the greatest quality or brands, but I was glad I replaced everything and it actually made me feel good.

After I brought the clothes and shaving products, It ended up costing me about $700. Next I realized I couldn't just buy some clothes and start shaving if I wanted to be better. I needed a haircut and I needed to lose some weight. I started researching /r/Keto and decided that I would do the Keto diet. So I went to my mom and asked her if she could reduce her food budget by 1/3rd and instead give me the money and I would buy and purchase my own food from now on, and to prove I was willing to do it I spend $150 buying food to last me two weeks, and everything I ate was cooked 100% by myself. Now I ended up buying quite alot of steak and pork chops because those were the easiest to cook at the time, but I eventually realized I didn't need to do Keto to lose weight all I needed to do was count calories so after about 3 weeks I stopped doing Keto and switched to just counting with MyFitnessPal and in the last 5 months I've lost 40 pounds. I also switched to slowcooking most of food, which I found out was a much easier way to cook thanks to /r/slowcooking and purchased this slowcooker.

Now that I've lost 40 pounds I feel much better, but overall I decided that each month I would do one thing to better myself. This month I've decided to work on learning how to draw so I purchased this book and a sketch pad and figuring drawing would be a nice thing to know how to do. I'm going to continue this trend of learning how to do one skill each month so that I'm always bettering myself.

TLDR; Sorry, I'm just rambling, but overall I just wanted to say that for me at first it was just an impulse purchase that made me decide to better myself.

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