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I love the smell of dirty panties.

Each zone of scent.

Panties can smell a little different depending on what she eats, how long she wears the same pair, if she gets a little pee on them, at what point she is in her cycle, and so on. There are also zones of scent in dirty panties that have different kinds of smell (obviously).

Zone 1 - the Front seam of the crotch/gusset. This is where her clit and front folds of vulva are. When it smells really good, there is usually a yellowish/whitish bit of delicious dirtiness there. It has a high, sharp note. Flowery and sweet. Sometimes it can have hints of white pepper. I think the peppery scent is present when certain food or drink is consumed. Generally the smell is up high "in your head". I love this zone the most, but all of them are exquisite.

Zone 2 - The Middle of the crotch/gusset. This is where the Vestibule (opening to the vagina) is. This is where any discharge (which is of course, normal) and general moisture is. This zone is where you will smell a more mellow and wet sweetness. It's not as sweet as Zone 1, but still has a very delicious smell.

Zone 3 - The Back seam of the crotch/gusset. This is for the more refined panty sniffer. Obviously, the wearer's asshole has been in this area. Now, you might think to yourself, "UGH, I bet it smells like shit!" Well, ....yes I guess it could. But, more likely, it doesn't. As I understand it, the genitoanal region of humans have an Apocrine gland. It is mainly thought that this was used in evolutionary times as a way to signal for finding a mate. It has a deep musky smell. Still very sweet, but with low notes. You can feel it deep in your chest as well as up high in your head. It can have hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar.

Obviously every woman will smell a little different, but in my experience, these basic things are pretty consistent.

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