E PLURIBUS UNUM REDUX: The New Sincerity (Part One)

"I, David Foster Wallace, who have spent a good portion of my career complaining about consumerism for better or worse--and who have spent a great deal of time in semi-public talking about writers such as Foucault and Deleuze and Guttari--and who have spent a large part of my career being basically an 'sjw' and conversing with other 'libtard sjws' such as Johnathan Frazen, who has written numerous essays that amount to saying basically that social media is horrible for humanity, am now, in 2008 before taking my own life in this year, endorsing the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump in 2016, and my hope is that literal neo-nazis and other extremist reactionaries will carry the reality television abomination I am here endorsing to victory."

-David Foster Wallace, January 2008

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