Engineering Integrity vs. Workplace Marxism

I must say that your response is much better reasoned than any of the other responses I've encountered. But you need to understand that whatever irony you see here is not an artifact of my writing, but in the incredibly weird environment in which tech exists (at least in the US). You might hopefully agree that tech is really a weird (and ugly) combination of corporatism and Marxism. It is then useful to note that this article only concentrates on the Marxist side of the issues in order to keep things simple (I have written about this ills of corporatism in other articles -

Your response merits that I formulate a more in-depth counter-response, but since r/programming always sees fit disagree by down-vote (and that all aberration from Silicon Valley's party line is to be disagreed with), I know it's not going to be seen. So if you have time, please paste your response at the article above, and we can go more in-depth there.

And yes, people with trait openness tend to be Marxists - that's why they've pretty much killed off all the conservatives and libertarians in Hollywood, academia, and now tech. Like I said, you're attributing the real irony to the wrong source.

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