Good day. I'm writing a QUIC proxy in C. It's halfway done. It uses HTTP as protocol. Parser written, QUIC implemented through MS's library. Please star if you like. Thanks.

You're going to go far. You have good basic common sense which is unfortunately very uncommon.

For me the biggest inconvenience with rust is compile times. Second biggest inconvenience is a community of absolutely determined and doubling down total idiots and bullshitters.

You have just alerted me though to a more insidious problem: bad advice. Whoever recommended that punk rock c book to you gave you very very bad advice. Perhaps they too got bad advice and eventually, after spending so much time studying it, trying to abide by it yet make things work, just gave up? Perhaps. Makes me have more empathy towards them now. Empathy is important. Thank you for having posted this.

Also look up c lang books by Robert C. Seacord and James W. Grenning.

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