Epsilon vs. 3DMax | BO3 | 28.01.15 | Time 19:00 CET

it's been awhile since i've posted in this subreddit, but here is a short analysis with some insight on tomorrow's game. let's just say if you are a decently smart better, you would probably just avoid 2/4, 3/4 of the EU games tomorrow since they are so damn risky, this included.

Epsilon are sitting at 6 or is it 7 losses in a row losing to every single T1 team and even gplay 0-2. the only noticeable game epsilon have had recently, imo, is that bo3 against LDLC where scream went apeshit and literally dropped almost 40kills I believe on d2 and helped take 1 map in the bo3 game. besides that, they have basically lost 0-2.

This doesn't mean Epsilon suck, they don't. scream is a huge fragger that puts in work, even in eco rounds. fortunately, a huge awper is back on their team, fxy0, and we all know how bad epsilon needed a great and versatile awper in a bo3 series where any map might be possible and demand a great awper. besides the point, they probably have the higher overall talent and are not surprisingly the favorites.

now to 3DMax which has been disappointing me game after game. it was just a little less than 2 months ago where 3Dmax were doing great and upsetting teams like Dignitas and crushing their fellow T2 teams. however, as of recently with the addition of allu (another great awper), they haven't done so well... in their last 9 games, they have lost 7/9 of them.

Of course we can't deny all of the ddos that have been involved with these two teams, but in terms of their track records, it's sooooooooooooooo difficult to name a team that should take it convincingly. neither team has done anything great, with 3dmax getting knocked around like silvers by kick on one of their strongest maps, d2.

all in all, I would say this game is a Epsilon 55-45 3dmax with a high potential for upset. I'm just waiting for the old 3dmax to gel just right with allu and show us the magic they used to have instead of their lackluster performance. on the other hand, epsilon isn't a team to look down upon since many of their members are veterans and have the talent/ teamwork to hold their own in a bo3.

all in all, I would say epsilon will take it, but let's just say it isn't going to be easy if 3dmax can play like they should be playing.

should you bet on this game? no, you really shouldn't, but fuck it, let's go 3dmax http://gyazo.com/51d6dae6f446fcfa7b147e89aba73aa7

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