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Hey man, I know both of the posts you linked have a ton of effort put into them, but honestly they are filled with a lot of bad information. I would suggest new players avoid taking anything in those seriously. For reference I am a Master tier ADC(I play both NA and EUW, currently D2 on NA and Masters on EUW.)

I could comment on them all, but for example his first quote about Ashe: "STRENGTHS: Ashe has the most utility on an ADC. Her slow and her CV in conjunction

with her long range makes her lane quite safe. In addition, she has a very strong ult that

can be used to make picks, engage, and sometimes disengage (though there are better).

Her level one is also deceptively (or not) strong if you don't use your crit for leashing.

WEAKNESSES: In return for all the utility she brings, she, comparatively, lacks the raw

DPS that other ADCs can bring. Try not to pick her if your team has only one damage

threat (you).

WHEN TO PICK: When you have at least 2 carries from Mid/Top (e.g. Jax/Cass/Nasus

maybe/LB maybe/Karthus)

POWERSPIKE: Her lane phase is actually pretty solid because of her range and slow

(bonus if you land that lv1 crit). However, she is rather weak throughout the game since

her Volley is more of a utility tool and she has no real steroids (I mean her passive is a

crappy Caitlyn passive, and her scouting tool is a weak version of Kalista's...wtf riot).

She can however, be very oppressive if you fall behind because the fact that she can kite

indefinitely can compound her item advantage (imagine trying to duel a Tristana. she

gets free autos before you even get in range right? same idea). By the same vein, she is

very weak when behind (she is basically a support when behind. The lack of a strong

ratio on W and lack of a steroid makes her rather lacklustre anyway so getting behind

makes it worse)."

Ashe's strength's, I'd argue, are way more than just slow. She has insane burst with her ult+crit, she has a global castable CC ult, tons of kill potential at 6, one of the best(if not the best) adc's at setting up ganks. She also gets more gold income over every other ADC due to the passive gold on her E, so item advantages are possible even when you are even in lane. Her range is one of the best in the game and she can also farm with just volley. Past the lane phase shes good at making picks and has extremely good team fighting. She aksi has a built in scouting ability with hawkshot which can allow you to over shove / check objectives / play further compared to most ADC's.

The user basically said her only strengths are her slow.

Moving onto weaknesses, he says her only weakness is damage. The lack of having many AD ratio skills or attack speed boosts does mean her overall DPS will be lower. I think it's important to talk about her lack of immobility and also the fact her ult can be countered quite easily by a lot of different tools in League.

Moving onto "When to pick." I think it's mostly important to talk about the 2v2 match up, which he doesn't discuss at all. He basically says when you have 2 other carries. It's good/makes sense to pick a high utility ADC when you have more carries, but I'm not really seeing the synergy between Ashe and most of the champs he listed, like Nasus. I see no synergy between these two champs, except for super late game team fighting. Anyone is going to be good with a super late game Nasus though. I personally tend to pick Ashe when I can get a good 2v2 matchup and I have assassin-type champions on my team. This means if I ever ult anyone near a Khazix/Akali/Fizz/etc, they will simply kill them for me. Ulting someone next to a Nasus isn't going to do much until really late game. You should also consider the champions you're facing and your own team composition. For example, a lot of champions may be able to passively block/stop/dodge your ult, such as Yasuo, Braum, Sivir, Fizz, and so on.

The last section is on powerspike. He calls it the powerspike section but he seems to have forgot to mention what Ashe's power spike is. He didn't even mention the items in which Ashe buys.

Saying shes weak thoughout the game is just wrong. I also think she is one of the best ADC's in the game if you fall behind, because she has tons of utility. You can even split push and just randomly ult mid, which I have won games with when being 0-10. She kind of has global presence, so she can even split push and just ult across if shes really far behind. Likewise you can group up and your ult can still win your team the game. I'd rather be a support when behind compared to being a useless champion that deals no damage, like a lot of ADC's end up being.

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