I’m currently on 20mg of cipralex daily, have been for about two years for depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I have found it to be helpful with anxiety and depression however panic attacks would still creep up so I have some as needed benzos. About 6 months ago, I started really struggling with sleep so started 30mg of mirtazapine at bedtime for sleep and as a bonus hopefully help with the anxiety/depression/panic attacks. Honestly, I couldn’t really tell much difference adding the mirtazapine for my mental health, but it did help with sleep. This last month/6 weeks sleep issues crept up again and my dr has double my mirtazapine to 60mg at night. I’ve only taken 60mg at night for a couple days, but am nervous after all I’ve read on here about it…I know it will take a few weeks though to take full effect but I’m starting to question if going to 60mg is a good idea. I personally have had no negative effects from Cipralex, but everyone reacts differently and it can take trying a few different ones before you get the right fit for you. I find cipralex is one of the more common SSRI’s prescribed where I live and from just conversation and my profession, haven’t had many people experience too many negative effects (I work in healthcare but am not a doctor or in any way in a place to give medical advice, just my experiences and those that have been reported to me). I have just started using Reddit, made an account a while ago but didn’t realize what a great place to come and speak openly about these kinds of things. First post, so I apologize if I went on too much!! Wish you the best, and hope cipralex works out better for you than mirtazapine did :)

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