Essential oil Karen alert!

Chemo had nothing to do with him getting better, 97% failure rate speaks for itself. Either your body fights it or it doesn't.

Killing off your white blood cell count does literally fuck all, time and time again people believe injected themselves with literal fucking poison will fix something.

It will not, you do realize that doctors buy the chemotherapy and then sell it back to you for a huge profit right? No other drug in America is sold this way, ZERO NONE.

Do you know how chemo works? Because it doesn't again killing off your white blood cell count is not going to treat or help with cancer. It's a method to try to get the body to do a full restart and enact the defense mechanisms within the body to fully regrow and then try to fight your cancer.

That doesn't happen, what happens is your immune system is shut the fuck down, this poison then enters every major blood stream and crevis of your body. It's a theoretical drug that is more of a placebo effect than anything.

Hence why people who get tumors removed from their brain manually never stop having them. Yet a 6 month old child with 7 tumors in his brain was given cannabis oil and not only did all 7 tumors go away; his fucking brain regrew, if that had tampered or removed the tumors manually the child's brain would have never grown.

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