Have you ever been attacked by an animal? What happened?

I was at Boy Scout Camp and had gone to the mess hall after dark to pick up some snacks for the guys in my troop. On the way back I saw something off the main path moving through the tall grass. Now this is how smart I was (sarcasm). I thought it was a skunk so I increased my walking speed till I was a couple of feet behind it. I then saw it was an armadillo.

All of sudden the 'dillo stopped, did a perfect back flip, grabbed my pants with its front claws, and hung there a second. It then let loose and scampered off in one direction while I ran in the other.

I did get dog bit one time pretty badly. Luckily they were able to find the animal that did it so I just got a tetanus shot.

Dogs are probably the most dangerous animal in North America discounting Humans.

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