Have you ever experienced the “Oz Factor”—eerie silence, changes in surroundings, feeling of dread—while in the woods or countryside (what happened)?

yep. i was heading to a party (in the middle of a golf course, not as sketch as it sounds) and there’s this path right into the forest. it was the day after halloween (so about a week ago) anyways, i made a wrong turn and everything was quiet. no one was around me. everything felt way darker, and i felt so disconnected from reality and the world around me. it was scary. i kept walking and eventually turned around, looking back and fourth back and forth over my shoulder frantically, making the interval of time between my steps shorter and shorter. it was terrifying. i want in danger, but the thought of being alone in the woods on a cool, autumn night is terrifying in practice. maybe i’m was just being a coward or whatever but i still get this overwhelming dread thinking of it.

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