Do you ever remember things you didn’t realise were ocd at the time?

I'm not sure if these things are OCD, but I definitely had moderate OCD when I was a kid, I think I picked it up from my mum as she was always closing doors numerous times over and over and stuff. I used to be obsessed with positioning myself when I was younger, I'd be walking with my dad and brother at night and always try to stand in the middle or at the front, or maybe half a metre in my head to the left. I'd also be frightened of ghosts, and take caution going into a room without anyone, sometimes I couldn't take all the thoughts in my head and run out, or run upstairs if I was downstairs on my own. When I slept next to my brother sometimes, I'd be paranoid whether or not he was facing my direct even though it was completely dark, so I'd hold the duvet up by my face and face away. I'd also pick up things and put them down over and over. There's probably a lot of other stuff as well, my whole thinking as a child was weird, I'd stare at a playground full of other kids trying to get a vision I saw for a split second over and over, I also had for a few days a habit of shaking my head left and right really quickly until my dad saw me doing it and said something which made me realise how crazy it was. I don't really have OCD anymore, can't remember if it's because of age, or if my attempts to reduce it were helpful

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