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Why? I had a great time tonight reading butthurt posts. It has brought me great pleasure! How can someone be so weak in adversity, so uncreative with such options and with a mind so weak they cannot hold back their knee-jerk reactions. I find them amusing because I don't understand them. How do they become like that? Why? Do they only know one build?

All I see is avenues for creativity and chances to rise to a challange. And in the face of that people come here to express what mostly resembles a toddler who had it's toy taken. It simply makes me giggle. And I can't see my self as cold for this, can I? Being amused by the buffon has been a cornerstone for humor since the ages! It's funny!

That being said, thats not everyone who is portrayed here. I have seen many of this community help eachother with information and creative ideas. Shifting in belief, percetion and anticipation but in a much more character strong manner! Seeing both things bring me great joy! I'm such a wholesome person! Hah! Thats doubble happines!insanelaughter

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