Ex-religious people, what faith were you and what caused you to lose faith?

I was raised christian and when I was about 15 I started to feel that I'm on autopilot doing things that I was expected to do but not thinking about it at all. I believed because my parents told me that Bible tells truth and so on. When I learned about other religions they were kind of exotic. They were far away and only in tv - so unreal. Then world started to shrink and those different religions are here and I started to question myself why we believe in different gods. Well because we happend to born in certain place and that determines our religion. So.. if there is one god maybe I believe in wrong one.. So I should change my religion, but how to begin to believe in different god? Read Koran? Or should I go to Jehovah meetings? So here I am thinking why I believe in god and the answer is: my parents. I thnik if I was raised without religion and some day a guy walks up to me and tells there is a god and there is this book called Bible and I should praise the lord.. I don't think I would fall for that. So I think it really doesn't matter in which god you believe, because it would be so unfair. For example I'm born in eastern country and raised by really radical muslims and blow myself in a car.. from christianic point I'm doomed, but all I did was listening to my parents and fallowing role models I had :( Also I didn't like the idea of being sinful all the time and felt bad about it ( I'm really sensitive when it comes to criticism =[ ). Also I thought the rules are strict and if I don't obey I should go to this guy in black and tell him and then pray.. say the same things over and over and over again.. ( there was a time when I tried to really mean all the words in prayer but I couldn't do it ) I believed in that and I was naive.. and then mad that they don't say that one should talk to a friend or family and tell them my sins also and they will understand and help my way better then this guy behind wooden partition. My dad always says that one should love other person as much he loves himself and one day I decided that that words should be my religion and nothing else.

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