Example of the difference lighting and a pump makes-look at the difference in the first two pics

I think you're underestimating the power of genetics when it comes to building a physique like his.

Is he ripped, single digit bf? Yes That's a pretty standard bodyfat level for ectomorphs (8-10%). It's not that hard to stay that lean if your genetics want to.

Is he full while being that ripped? Yes He's full in that picture because he has a pump

Does he keep like that all year? Pretty much Again, genetics will do that. It's not like he's super dry or extremely lean like pro bodybuilders.

Does he have shoulder/chest striations? Yes You can have striations naturally. This natural guy (taken from a different thread) has them too. http://i.imgur.com/FJickDO.jpg

Is he veiny with big thick veins poping from arms, shoulders and lower abs? Yes Again, genetics.

Is he doing big workouts, full of energy lifting weights while being that ripped? Yes He's a healthy young man

If you watch him in his videos and not his photoshopped, half-natty lighting pictures, he actually looks quite natural. Of course that doesn't mean he's not on gear, but I definitely think he could possible be natural.

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