Myostatin or not ?

I feel like it’s a REAL bold move to leave “what’s wrong with pedophilia” just chilling as a deleted askreddit post in your profile. Maybe it’s hypothetically ok to be curious, but man, to be so open about it??

Furthermore, if no one explained this to you, “just don’t tip” is a horrible, cheap ideology. We’ve all thought it before, because tipping sucks. It sucks for everyone except the boss of the people making something like $3.50 an hour. It’s a flawed system that many of us would like to see go away. That being said, not helping out the poorest person in the equation (aka service worker) is not solving the problem. It’s not a rebellion. It won’t lead to change. It’s you being cheap and not helping out your fellow man. If you feel strongly about tipping laws, attempt to invoke change through protesting and petitions and all that crap. When you, a singular person, or even a large group of people don’t tip, the ONLY people getting hurt are the service workers. Do not kid yourself. You are just being an asshole.

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