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Nah it’s a skill check matchup. Aatrox can kill yasuo any time before he gets shiv. If the yasuo doesnt know the matchup you can easily outrade the yasuo at 6. They either have to go executioner and take a huge dip at which point you already have tabis and yasuo can’t damage you, or he goes straight into shiv in which case your r and passive healing will just outrade the yasuo and you probably still won’t take damage from him. Even if the yasuo knows the matchup he gets really far behind in cs if he plays ultra passive further delaying his timing to getting shiv.

And keep in mind yasuo only beats the aatrox with shiv if they both have one item. But if yasuo is bullied out of lane and plays safe then aatrox can get an item advantage and get deaths dance and the yasuo just can’t kill him with cleaver and dd.

I agree that aatrox doesn’t hard beat yasuo and it’s by no means an auto win, but a good aatrox should always be able to beat an evenly or slightly less skilled yasuo.

As for irelia you may be right (as I don’t main her) but I would expect that based on the nature of her champion (good cc, dashes, damage mitigate, and zoning ult) her early game gives her every thing that yasuo has and more plus better base stats. Again I think it’s probably a skill matchup, if the irelia abuses the lane matchup well enough she can win. BUT yasuo doesn’t auto win into aatrox until at least 3 items if he’s behind early whereas based on irelia not having the lifesteal, she probably will just lose once he gets to one and a half or 2 items so I could see that matchup being more yasuo favored but I wouldn’t say he “dumpsters” her.

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