Exmuslims and Tinder?

I don't personally approve of online dating and wouldn't want to have met my boyfriend online, but you're allowed to do what makes you happy.

What you can do is create a profile where you won't necessarily be recognized, if you think your family may find out about it. Since you just want to "try hooking up with people," the people interested in you may not need too many details and pictures. Find out how you can make your profile both authentic and unrecognizable at the same time.

I obviously have no experience, but that's how I think it works seeing the YouTube videos I stumble upon. Most of the people who just want the sex almost don't give a fuck who you are. That also can put you in danger if people don't reveal their identity. But you sound mature, I think you'll know the moment you'll have to back off.

Is Tinder the only solution you have? Can you meet people in real life? I personally enjoy and prefer meeting guys in real life. It's more fun and safer. Maybe sneak into a club with friends, sneak anywhere you can party and meet people. I understand if that's not possible. I'm just giving any option I could think of right now.

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